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342 Neasden Lane, London, NW10 0AD (Ref 15/3398)


Granted planning permission as recommended subject to additional conditions on layout, window, door and no advertisement.



Temporary permission for the part change of use of existing retail shop (Use class A1) to provide a radio controlled mini-cab office (Use class Sui Generis).



Grant temporary planning permission subject to the conditions set out in the Draft Decision Notice


Angus Saunders (Area Planning Manager) outlined the scheme including a diagramof parking restrictionson surrounding streets and with reference to the supplementary report clarified the issues raised at the site visit.  He stated that with officers monitoring initialtemporaryconsentand conditionsto restrictpickups/drop offs, signage and waiting room, the 'radio controlled' aspect of the proposal would not give rise to concerns.  He added that officers had raised the pointregarding the layoutof the Mini Cab Office and how the windowand location of the doorcould promote itsuse bypassing customers. The Area Planning Manager continued that the applicant was requested to remove the windowin the proposed plans with the rear ofthe propertyconverted into a 'StaffOnly' area which he declined. 


In accordance with the provisions of the Planning Code of Practice, Councillor Choudry, ward member, stated that he had been approached by local residents and the business community about the application.  Councillor Choudry objected to the proposal on the grounds that there was an over-saturation of mini cab offices in the Neasden Shopping area and that a further addition would fuel the anti-social behaviour including gang fighting and noise nuisance that the offices had generated in the area. In his view there was no real demand for the mini cab office and that other alternative proposals for the site should be considered to diversity the businesses in the area. 


Ghulam Dost (applicant) claimed that the mini cab office opposite his shop was owned by the brother of Councillor Choudry and this was the reason for his objection.  This was denied by Councillor Choudry.  He also stated that the only reason why he declined to carry out the suggested amendments requested by officers was because the permission was temporary for one year after which he would apply for a 3 year permission and carry out the amendments.  He clarified that as a radio controlled service, customers would not be allowed to use the waiting area as it would be for the exclusive use of staff.  In response to members’ questions, the applicant stated that residents would be leafleted and that bookings for the service would be on-line and by telephone.  After the Chair emphasised the importance of the internal layout changes, he confirmed his agreement to the officers’ suggestions for amendments to the layout prior to commencement of the minicab operation. 



Granted planning permission as recommended subject to additional conditions on layout, window, door and no advertisement.

(For 5, Against 3, Abstention 0).

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