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Title Date Effective from
Declarations of interests ref: 520701/09/202001/09/2020
Apologies for Absence ref: 520601/09/202001/09/2020
Annual Report & Accounts 2019-2020 ref: 521101/09/202009/09/2020
General Update Report ref: 521201/09/202009/09/2020
Tenant Organisations (Verbal Update) ref: 521001/09/202001/09/2020
Any other urgent business ref: 521301/09/202001/09/2020
Matters arising (if any) ref: 520901/09/202001/09/2020
Minutes of the previous meeting ref: 520801/09/202001/09/2020
Calendar of Council Meetings for the 2020/2021 Municipal Year ref: 520314/09/202014/09/2020
Vote of Thanks to the Mayor ref: 519814/09/202014/09/2020
Mayor's Announcements ref: 520514/09/202014/09/2020
Minutes of the Previous Meeting ref: 520014/09/202014/09/2020
Appointment to Committees and Outside Bodies & Appointment of Chairs & Vice-Chairs ref: 520214/09/202014/09/2020
Representation of Political Groups on Committees ref: 520114/09/202014/09/2020
To appoint a Councillor of the Borough to be Deputy Mayor ref: 519714/09/202014/09/2020
To elect the Mayor of the Borough for the Municipal Year 2020/2021 ref: 519614/09/202014/09/2020
Apologies for Absence ref: 519514/09/202014/09/2020
Urgent Business ref: 520414/09/202014/09/2020
Declarations of Interest ref: 519914/09/202014/09/2020