Committee Decisions

Title Date Effective from
Gloucester House and Durham Court – South Kilburn - Appropriation of Housing and Non Housing Land and Open Space ref: 378719/06/201727/06/2017
Extending Selective Licensing in the Private Rented Sector ref: 379119/06/201727/06/2017
S106 Project Spend 17-18 ref: 379019/06/201727/06/2017
Minutes of the Previous Meeting ref: 378319/06/201719/06/2017
Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Cabinet Approval to Award Report ref: 379319/06/201727/06/2017
Digital Strategy ref: 380019/06/201727/06/2017
South Kilburn Supplementary Planning Document ref: 378419/06/201727/06/2017
Basements Supplementary Planning Document ref: 378919/06/201727/06/2017
Applications Support with Lewisham Council ref: 379419/06/201727/06/2017
Knowles House ref: 379719/06/201727/06/2017
Brent Housing Partnership (BHP) Transition Update ref: 379219/06/201727/06/2017
Domestic Abuse IDVA Support contract ref: 378519/06/201727/06/2017
Brent Housing Zones – Programme Funding and Wembley Partnership Structure ref: 378819/06/201727/06/2017
Q4 Integrated Finance and Performance Report ref: 379819/06/201727/06/2017
Chippenham Gardens (Land North) South Kilburn ref: 378619/06/201727/06/2017
Joint ICT Work with London Borough of Southwark ref: 379519/06/201727/06/2017
Upgrade of ICT Network Infrastructure ref: 379619/06/201727/06/2017
Brent Advice Partnership Update ref: 379919/06/201727/06/2017
16 5237 53 Lonsdale Road, London, NW6 6RA ref: 377624/05/201724/05/2017
16-5444 2A, Preston Waye and 283, 285 and 287 Preston Road, Harrow, HA3 ref: 377424/05/201724/05/2017
16-4478 All Units at Abbey Wharf & Delta Centre and All of 152, Mount Pleasant Road Wembley, HA0 ref: 377824/05/201724/05/2017