Committee Decisions

Title Date Effective from
Appointments to Committees ref: 373324/04/201724/04/2017
Any other urgent business ref: 375124/04/201724/04/2017
Exclusion of Press and Public ref: 375224/04/201724/04/2017
Reference of item considered by Scrutiny Committees ref: 375324/04/201724/04/2017
Matters arising ref: 373224/04/201724/04/2017
Minutes of the previous meeting ref: 373124/04/201724/04/2017
Declarations of personal and prejudicial interests ref: 373024/04/201724/04/2017
Tackling Illegal Rubbish Dumping and Litter with Uniformed Street Patrols - 6-month Review and Next Steps ref: 375024/04/201724/04/2017
Arboricultural Services and Authority to Tender ref: 374924/04/201724/04/2017
Enforcing Legislation Concerning Letting Agent's Redress Scheme ref: 374524/04/201724/04/2017
Highways Capital Scheme Programme 2017-18 ref: 374624/04/201724/04/2017
Authority to enter into a Joint Venture Vehicle to bring about the comprehensive development of the Cullen House & Falcon P.H. site in South Kilburn Regeneration Programme Area ref: 374724/04/201724/04/2017
Tricycle Theatre Renovation Project ref: 374824/04/201724/04/2017
Town Centres: Action and Investment Planning ref: 374024/04/201724/04/2017
Gloucester and Durham Development Site - South Kilburn (for Delivery Partner award of contract) ref: 374124/04/201724/04/2017
Peel - Development Site South Kilburn - Update on site assembly and NHS Engagement and decision to move to procurement of a delivery partner ref: 374224/04/201724/04/2017
Brent Cycle Strategy Action Plan Update ref: 374324/04/201724/04/2017
Brent Walking Strategy 2017 - 2022 ref: 374424/04/201724/04/2017
Brent Faith Covenant ref: 373724/04/201724/04/2017
Housing Management Options Review: outcome of formal consultation ref: 373424/04/201724/04/2017
Authority to market Butler's Green toilets under the Council's Community Asset Transfer (CAT) Policy ref: 373624/04/201724/04/2017
Developing a strategic approach for community libraries in the community and voluntary sector ref: 373524/04/201724/04/2017
Community Asset Transfer at Sports Club at Gladstone Youth & Community Centre, Gladstone Park, 162 Anson Road, London NW2 6BH, the outcome of marketing and recommendation to proceed with a preferred applicant ref: 373924/04/201724/04/2017
Contract for the provision of the Targeted Mental Health in Schools Service (TaMHS) ref: 373824/04/201724/04/2017