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Title Date Effective from
Individual Cabinet Member Decision - Change in Tender Evaluation Procedure social value weightings applied for the Business Rates and Associated IT Support Service ref: 436319/10/201819/10/2018
Any other urgent business ref: 436115/10/201815/10/2018
Exclusion of Press and Public ref: 436015/10/201815/10/2018
Petitions (if any) ref: 435815/10/201815/10/2018
Matters Arising (if any) ref: 435715/10/201815/10/2018
Minutes of the Previous Meeting ref: 435615/10/201815/10/2018
Declarations of Interest ref: 435515/10/201815/10/2018
Apologies for Absence ref: 435415/10/201815/10/2018
On-Street Parking Management – 2018/19 Programme ref: 435315/10/201823/10/2018
Brent Borough Plan 2019-23 ref: 434615/10/201823/10/2018
Local Implementation Plan (LIP3) ref: 435215/10/201823/10/2018
Brent Local Implementation Plan (LIP) Annual Spending Submission 2019/20 - 2021/22 ref: 435915/10/201823/10/2018
Consultation on Admissions Arrangements for Community Schools for 2020/21 ref: 434815/10/201823/10/2018
Draft Budget Proposals 2019/20 – 2020/21 ref: 434215/10/201823/10/2018
Kingsbury Library and Flats, 522-524 Kingsbury Road NW9 9HE Lease ref: 434415/10/201823/10/2018
Approval to Tender a Contract for Speech and Language Therapy ref: 435015/10/201823/10/2018
Reference of item considered by Scrutiny Committees ref: 434715/10/201823/10/2018
Proposal To Join 'Capital Letters' - A Lettings Company Owned by a Consortium of London Authorities ref: 435115/10/201823/10/2018
Approval to Tender for a Targeted Service to Promote Education, Employment and Training for Young People ref: 434915/10/201823/10/2018
Quarter 2 Financial Forecast 2018/19 ref: 434315/10/201823/10/2018
Review of Local Council Tax Support Scheme for 2019/20 ref: 434515/10/201823/10/2018
Individual Cabinet Member Decision: Tender Procedure for the Street Lighting Maintenance Contract ref: 434111/10/201811/10/2018