Title Date Effective from
Exclusion of Press and Public ref: 371613/03/201713/03/2017
Apologies for Absence ref: 370313/03/201713/03/2017
Any Other Urgent Business ref: 371713/03/201713/03/2017
Matters Arising ref: 370613/03/201713/03/2017
Minutes of the Previous Meeting ref: 370513/03/201713/03/2017
Declarations of Interests ref: 370413/03/201713/03/2017
South Kilburn Regeneration Programme - Transfer of Land to Network Homes ref: 371313/03/201713/03/2017
Scrutiny Task Group Report on Signs of Safety ref: 370913/03/201713/03/2017
Community Action Groups Review Pilot - January to July 2016 ref: 370813/03/201713/03/2017
Phase 1 Building Project at the Granville Centre - Approval to Tender Works Contract ref: 371113/03/201713/03/2017
Council CCTV Making a Safer Brent: Income Generation and Service Savings ref: 371013/03/201713/03/2017
Managing Street Drinking and Identified Problem Areas – Pilot Programme ref: 371213/03/201713/03/2017
Authority to Tender Works and Housing Management Services for the Council's PRS And Nail Programmes ref: 371513/03/201713/03/2017
South Kilburn Trust – Proposed Changes to SKT Constitution and Articles of Association ref: 371413/03/201713/03/2017
Q3 Integrated Performance and Finance Report 2016/17 ref: 370713/03/201713/03/2017