How to get involved

There are lots of ways to engage with Brent’s Cabinet and Council Committees.

Submit, create or sign a petition

A petition is a written request from five or more people which asks the Council to take or not to take a specific action. Petitions can be submitted and signed by anybody who works, lives or studies in Brent. A petition must relate to matters affecting the borough and on which the council or one of its partners can make a decision.

Register to speak at an upcoming meeting

Complete the online form to submit a request to speak at a forthcoming meeting of Full Council or a Council Committee.

Engage with Scrutiny

Much of the Council’s decision making power is concentrated in the Cabinet. The purpose of Scrutiny is to:

  • act as a check and balance to the power of the Cabinet by scrutinising decisions and policy implementation.
  • contribute to the development and review of policy by undertaking in-depth research through the establishment of Task Groups.

Members involved in the scrutiny process are keen to investigate and review the issues that matter to people in Brent. View our Scrutiny pages for further information on how to get involved.

Contact your Councillors or Lead Members

Find out who your local councillors are by using the My Location tool or view contact deatils for all Ward Councilors.

Some Councillors are also Lead Members (Members of the Cabinet) with responsibility for certain policy areas. Further information, including contact details can be accessed via the Cabinet committee page.

View our Elected Representative pages for more information.