Committee details

Health and Wellbeing Board

Purpose of committee

The Board undertakes the duties as required by the Health and Social Care Act 2013 and seeks to lead the improvement of health and wellbeing in the borough.  It consists of council, Brent Clinical Commissioning Group and Healthwatch Brent representatives.


  • Councillor Harbi Farah  (Chair)  Brent Council
  • Dr MC Patel  (Vice-Chair)  Brent CCG
  • Councillor Margaret McLennan    Brent Council
  • Councillor Neil Nerva   
  • Councillor Suresh Kansagra    Brent Council
  • Councillor Mili Patel    Brent Council
  • Sheik Auladin    Brent CCG
  • Dr Ketana Halai    Brent CCG
  • Jonathan Turner   
  • Carolyn Downs    Brent Council - Non Voting
  • Phil Porter    Brent Council - Non Voting
  • Dr Melanie Smith    Brent Council - Non-Voting
  • Gail Tolley    Brent Council - Non-Voting
  • Simon Crawford    London North West Healthcare NHS Trust - Non Voting
  • Basu Lamichhane   
  • Judith Davey    Healthwatch Brent

Contact information

Support officer: Hannah O'Brien, Governance Officer. Tel: 020 8937 1339; Email: hannah.o'

Phone: 020 8937 1348