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St Johns Avenue Traffic Speeding Problems

We the undersigned petition the council to urgently address the dangerous problem of speeding on St Johns Avenue. The current traffic calming measures are ineffective and the road requires large speed bumps as found nearby on Leopold Road, Drayton Road and Crownhill Road.

The road is home to many young families and also has a number of schools in very close proximity. Many schoolchildren walk up and down St Johns Avenue each day, as well as crossing it of course.

Sadly the current traffic calming measures are inadequate and ineffective - a car can easily get both wheels either side of the speed bumps and as a result cars speed up St Johns Avenue with no deterrent. The road is a "cut through" which is understandable but there are much stronger traffic calming measures nearby (e.g. Leopold Road, Drayton Road and Crownhill Road) where there are speed bumps that span the entire road and are also big enough to ensure cars slow down adequately - the same must be applied to St Johns Avenue.

The inadequacy of the current measures present a very real risk to the safety of pedestrians and local school children in particular.

This has been a very real concern for many residents for some time highlighted most recently by a bad accident on the morning of 3rd January which required the attendance of two fire engines and the police. On this occasion no pedestrians were involved but it is frightening to consider what could have happened given one vehicle ended on top of another vehicle and a second vehicle on the pavement.

Started by: Nick Morgan

This ePetition ran from 29/01/2019 to 13/03/2019 and has now finished.

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