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Budget Scrutiny Task Group

12/09/2019 - Budget Scrutiny Task Group

The Committee was invited to consider the establishment of a Scrutiny Task and Finish Group to review the Budget Outturn Performance for 2019/20; to review the implementation of the 2019 Budget Scrutiny recommendations (as agreed by the Council/Executive); and to review the Brent Council Budget Proposals for 2020/21, in accordance with Part 4 paragraph 5 of the Council Constitution.


It was anticipated that the Task and Finish Group would convene between October 2019 to January 2020 to receive oral and written evidence and report back to the Resources and Public Realm Scrutiny Committee at its meeting on Wednesday 29 January 2020 with a view to receive a report and make recommendations to the Council and Cabinet.




The Resources and Public Realm Scrutiny Committee agreed:


i.         That the Budget Scrutiny Task Group be established with the           following members:


         Cllr Matt Kelcher, Chair

         Cllr Ketan Sheth

         Cllr Neil Nerva

         Cllr Anita Thakkar

         Cllr Reg Colwill


ii.        That the Budget Scrutiny Task Group adopt the following terms of        reference:


          a.       To consider the in-year budget performance of the Council                              against outturn expenditure for 2019-2020.


          b.       To identify and consider the key budget pressures and strategic                      financial issues for the Council and how these were being                         managed.


          c.        To consider the draft budget proposals for 2020-2021, including                 the main areas of proposed growth and savings, key budgetary                risks and the extent to which the budget proposals reflect the                   Council's priorities outlined in the Borough Plan.