Agenda item


To debate the motions submitted in accordance with Standing Order 41.


Members are asked to note that the motions submitted will be circulated as part of a republished agenda in advance of the meeting, in accordance with Standing Order 41(c).


(1)      The following motion submitted by the Conservative Group was declared lost:


Illegal use of E-Scooters


This Council is concerned at the rise in the illegal use of E-scooters which are often dangerously ridden and ridden on pavements without insurance.


This Council is especially concerned that it is only a matter of time before a pedestrian, cyclist or other vulnerable person is seriously injured or killed as a result of the illegal actions of the E-scooter rider.


This Council will not take part in any plans to join a scheme, whereby riders can hire these scooters as there is no guarantee that they will be ridden safely.


This Council notes and praises the Police for taking action against illegal scooter riders by confiscating the scooter and charging the rider with driving without insurance and driving not in accordance with a licence.


This Council would also like to see those individuals who are caught riding E-scooters on the pavement, charged with dangerous driving as well as having no insurance.


Having given consideration to the above, this Council agrees to lobby the Government to ban the sale, importation and use of these dangerous machines in the UK.


Councillors Colwill, Kansagra and Maurice voted in favour of the above motion.


All other members present at the meeting voted against the above motion.


(2)      The following Motion submitted by the Labour Group was AGREED unanimously:


End the Fire and Rehire Practice


This council notes the unethical use of the fire and rehire tactics by certain employers, forcing their staff to accept unfair terms and conditions, leaving many having to work longer hours and for lower pay.


While the Prime Minister has called this “unacceptable” he has continually refused to take action to outlaw the practice, raising concerns that he will not intervene in this race to the bottom by some employers.


This council notes that this practice has been rejected here at Brent as is specifically outlined in the procurement strategy. Furthermore, we have ensured all our service providers abide by these terms.


This council stands with the campaign that has been promoted by our local member of parliament, Barry Gardiner MP who has spotlighted this unsavoury practice, working with trade union partners to defend the right of workers against unscrupulous employers.


Workers should not be scapegoated to carry the burden of lost profits.


This council therefore believes action is required to ensure local residents are protected against such unethical practices and agrees:


(1)      To request that the Leader of the Council write to the Prime Minister demanding the full protection of employees subject to these terms and conditions.


(2)      To continue to encourage fellow councils to exclude from their authorised list of suppliers any business’ using these Fire and Rehire Tactics and to update their procurement and social value policy to reflect that of ethical practices. Furthermore we call upon them to update existing contracts with suppliers in accordance with this commitment.


(3)      To continue to foster good working relationships with Trade Unions here at Brent.


(4)      To work with our anchor institutions and key partners to bring forward plans for the introduction of a local employer charter for companies to work toward with Trade Unions. This should include worker rights, support for the TUC Great Jobs’ agenda and with the real living wage campaign at its heart.


Brent council notes its records as a good and ethical employer, and truly believes that all workers deserve well-paid secure and meaningful work.


(3)      The following Motion submitted by the Labour Group was also AGREED unanimously:


Refugee Support


This Council notes with deep sadness the unfolding and ongoing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.


This Council profoundly regrets the developments over the last few months following two decades of progress towards a more stable, and prosperous Afghanistan. Our thoughts are with the Afghan people and our residents who have family there at this time.


This Council is therefore ashamed at the slow and inadequate efforts this government has pledged for the near quarter of a million displaced Afghan people, the number which continues to grow rapidly.


As a Council we call on the UK government to stand by what should be a non-negotiable obligation to provide sanctuary to those in need, not least our British Nationals and Afghan partners who remain in-country desperately awaiting evacuation.


Thus far, this government has pledged to home 5000 Afghan refugees this year who have supported the Armed Forces through the ‘Afghan locally employed scheme’, with a view to increase this number to 20,000 in the coming years.  This would equate to a meagre six people rehomed per constituency in the UK, falling extremely short of our humanitarian duty as a nation. 


Focussing on the humanitarian crisis, the Council remains committed to providing as much direct and immediate help and support as possible to inbound refugees, and is determined – highlighting the need for adequate resources to be made readily available by government – to enable our newest residents to regain control of their lives and, in time, build for themselves real and lasting futures.


As part of this approach, the Council is working closely with the Home Office and has provided shelter for two Afghan families, whilst planning a more cohesive welcome programme for further Afghan families arriving in Brent in the coming months.


Furthermore, this Council notes the lobbying efforts it and other Councils have launched to highlight the needs of its migrant communities and the necessity to appropriately resource Councils in this endeavour. In terms of the wider picture, this Council also notes the support and shelter it has provided for refugees from other parts of the world and is committed to continuing to lead these efforts for our new residents.


The Council recognises that the scale of the refugee crisis will require an international response and urges the UK to lead that effort by committing to a much more extensive and balanced Afghan resettlement scheme. Along with the creation of safe and legal routes for those suffering at the hands of the Taliban.


The Council therefore reiterates its call:


(1)      For open safe and legal routes for all those seeking a sanctuary from danger.


(2)     To increase the number of families given asylum and the need for a balanced refugee resettlement across the UK. Not just a heavy focus on London.


(3)      To increase funding to support councils such as our own, in further more extensive resettlement schemes as well as humanitarian aid.


This Council is proud that it is able to give sanctuary to the thousands of refugees that call Brent home. We want to be able to offer a brighter future for families through a chance at a proper education, good employment opportunities and a safe place to call home.

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