Agenda item

Mayor's Announcements (including any petitions received)

To receive any announcements from the Mayor.


NOTED the announcements from the Mayor in relation to:

·                Mayors Civic Service

·                Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

·                Flag Raising Ceremonies

·                Tokyo Metropolitan Government visit

·                Srebrenica Memorial Ceremony

·                Civic Centre Floor Walking

·                London Remembers WW1 commemorative event

·                Borough Remembrance Sunday

·                Mayors Fundraising Gala Dinner

·                Petitions


The Mayor made the following announcements:


(i)           Civic Service


The Mayor thanked all colleagues, guests, friends and visiting Mayors from across London for attending his Civic Service on the 30th July which had been held to celebrate his year in office and promote his two chosen charities, SUFRA and the READ Foundation.


He advised this had been the first time the event had been held in the Civic Centre, which he thanked the Chief Executive for hosting.


(ii)       Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur


The Mayor took the opportunity to wish everyone who celebrated Rosh Hashanah a Happy New Year. He also reminded members that this week marked Yom Kippur, the most holy day of the Jewish calendar and therefore wished all those celebrating a happy Yom Kippur.


(iii)       Flag Raising Ceremonies


The Mayor was pleased to advise Members that two successful Flag raising events had been held since the last Council meeting.  The first to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day on 14 August, and second India’s Independence Day on 15 August, with both being well attended.


He also informed Members they would be welcome to attend a Nigerian flag raising ceremony taking place at noon on Monday 1 October in the Paul Daisley Garden.


(iv)    Tokyo Metropolitan Visit


The Mayor informed Members that the Council had hosted a visit from representatives of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on 21 August.  As he had unfortunately been unable to attend, he thanked the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Ezeajughi for hosting the event.


The delegation had come to Brent to understand and learn about the Council’s flexible working policy and how elected members functioned in a modern council with the visit including a tour of the Civic Centre.  The delegation had been impressed by what was being achieved in Brent with diminishing funding.


(v)     Srebrenica Memorial Event


The Mayor advised he had also recently been humbled to attend a Srebrenica Memorial Day event at the Civic Centre.  The event, which was held all over Europe, had been held to commemorate the anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide during the Bosnian War in July 1995.


(vi)    Civic Centre Floor walking


The Mayor informed Members that he, along with the Chief Executive, Leader of the Council and Deputy Leader, had over the summer, undertaken a series of floor walks across the Civic Centre in order to meet Brent’s staff.


He had thoroughly enjoyed meeting and spending time with staff members, which had also provided a great opportunity to understand what happens in each department on a daily basis, along with a chance for staff to ask questions.


Further floor walks were planned over the coming weeks, which he felt provided a useful reminder of the great workforce in Brent and hard work being undertaken on a daily basis for residents.


(vii)   London Remembers WWI Commemorative event


The Mayor advised Members that he had been honoured to represent the Borough at the Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association for Greater London commemorative Drumhead Service at the Royal Hospital Chelsea on 1 September.  The event had been held to commemorate the actions of the London Division during the final hundred days of WWI.


(viii)  Borough Remembrance Sunday


The Mayor was pleased to announce that planning was well underway for the Borough’s Remembrance Sunday service, which this year would fall on Armistice Day.


The event commemorated the agreement to end fighting during the First World War, in 1918.  This year marked the hundredth anniversary with the commemoration to include the Annual Remembrance Day Parade, followed by a service in Barham Park.  All Members were urged to attend this important service.


(ix)    Fundraising Gala Dinner


The Mayor was delighted to announce that his first gala fundraising dinner would be taking place on 1 December 2018 at the Pattidar Centre on Forty Lane.  The evening would include food, entertainment, an auction and a raffle all to raise funds for his two chosen charities.


He advised that tickets would be on sale shortly, with all profits going to help SUFRA and the Read foundation.


(x)     Petitions


Finally, the Mayor drew members attention to the list of current petitions along with action being taken to deal with them, which had been tabled at the meeting, in accordance with Standing Order 66.