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Request for NO LEFT TURN traffic sign weekdays (7.00-10.00am) turning left into Summerfield Avenue from Kingswood Avenue due to dangerous rat-run

We the undersigned petition the council to We the undersigned petition Brent Council to install a “No Left Turn (7.00-10.00am)” traffic sign for the corner of Summerfield Avenue and Kingswood Avenue, to prevent vehicles heading south through the Queens Park area from turning left into Summerfield Avenue during the morning rush hour. Summerfield Avenue and adjoining Dudley Road have become a major rat-run for traffic accessing adjacent main roads.

1) Figures released last year show that traffic on residential streets in London has increased by 70% over the last decade, driven by the prevalence of sat nav technology. In other words, rat runs that used to require local knowledge are now on Google Maps and Waze. As residents of Summerfield Avenue and Dudley Road we have first-hand knowledge of this fact, having had to endure an unpleasant and unhealthy increase of traffic on our streets for a number of years.
2) Summerfield Avenue and Dudley Road are both single width streets that drivers have now identified as a cut through to Salusbury Road and Harvist Road. Unlike all the other parallel Avenues (Montrose, Hopefield, Windermere and Brooksville) Summerfield Ave is attractive to drivers as it is seen to be the best route for overtaking slower moving traffic coming south down Salusbury Road or as a cut through to Harvist Road.
3) Traffic counts undertaken by residents on these two streets have revealed that on a weekday between 8-9am Summerfield Avenue has on average 330 vehicles (one every 10 seconds). This is only slightly less than the figure for the main Salusbury Road southbound which was recorded at 410 in the same time period. In neighbouring, parallel and identical avenues to Summerfield, the number of vehicles during the rush hour is by comparison negligible. Brent Council operates equality policies that aim to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and equally and therefore we ask that these policies are taken into consideration when making a decision about this petition.
4) Summerfield Avenue and Dudley Road are narrow, residential streets not built for this excessive volume of traffic. Neighbouring main roads have the infrastructure in place to deal with what could result in a slight increase of traffic. These roads are designed for traffic use (and are the primary north-south traffic routes), hence the 'through route' term. They have traffic lights; zebra crossings; pelican crossings; speed cameras; speed warning signs, none of which residential single width streets have. We ask that the Council take this into consideration too.
5) During the rush hour cars and vans back up all the way along Summerfield Avenue so that from the junction of Salusbury Road to the junction of Kingswood Avenue the street is saturated with stationary vehicles and toxic exhaust fumes. When the rush hour eases vehicles frequently speed down the street, and there are often altercations, especially at the corner of Dudley Road. Many children live on these roads and it is becoming increasingly unsafe. Local people living in the same controlled zone also use these two roads to park their cars for ease of access to the tube adding to congestion. We ask that the Council consider safety issues too.
6) Research has shown that improving through flow for traffic encourages more traffic into the area. Filtering through side streets does not make main roads quieter, it simply encourages more cars to enter the area. Drivers are now using side roads to shave off a few minutes from their commute or school run. Unfortunately, because Summerfield Avenue and Dudley Road have been identified by drivers as a rat-run, this is encouraging more vehicles into the Queens Park area. We ask that the Council cut off this rat-run route during the rush hour so that drivers will be deterred and take another more appropriate route instead.
7) The Central Office of Public Interest’s #addresspollution campaign shows all the roads in Queens Park to be well above the WHO air pollution limits. We, the residents of Summerfield Ave and Dudley Road, are however in no doubt that we are exposed to a greater level of toxic air compared to other equivalent streets in the area which have significantly less traffic.

Started by: Sarah Rogers

This ePetition ran from 27/04/2021 to 09/06/2021 and has now finished.

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