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Objection to asphalt tarmac pavements and request to maintain and refurbish existing paving slabs in Clifford Gardens and other potential conservation areas or streets in Brent of historical architectural significance

We the undersigned petition the council to We request the paving slabs are preserved in this potential conservation area and that at very least the works stop immediately on Clifford Gardens and a fair consultation takes place involving the loacal community and residents of the street.

1.) The council have started works in Clifford Gardens, pulling up the paving slabs with the intention to replace these with asphalt tarmac. Initial research strongly indicates that the majority of the residents in Clifford Gardens disagree with this decision.
2.) The community has not been given adequate notice or consutled on this proposal, in line with Govenrment recommended best practice.
3.) Clifford Gardens is a proposed conservation area in the "Brent Place Making Guide" - May 2019. The houses are of historical architectural significance. Placing asphalt pathways adjacent to Victorian buildings with stucco features goes against all 'Brent Place Making' recommendations that pavement design should be in keeping with the adjacent facades. We request the pavement is preserved in this potetntial conservation area.
4.) Brent policy regarding pavements is inconsistent. We have been informed 70% is paved and only 30% will be made up of asphalt. Recently Hardinge Rd and Harvist Rd have been excellently refurbished with paving slabs. We request the same treatment is applied to Clifford Gardens. All the council placemaking guides promote consistency. Other local streets that have been covered in asphalt are wearing poorly and now have patchy uneven surfaces. It's widely recognised this material is not appropriate for a street with adjacent 19th century facades of historical significance.
5.) We understand the existing pavement poses no immediate safety risk, as confirmed by Brent Council when they signed off the paving works, completed by Virgin Media, at the end of last year. We would like to highlight the gross loss of opportunity and poor management of budgets here, where there could have been a collaboration with Virgin’s activities and a great saving made in preserving the pavement.

Started by: Joanna Sykes

This ePetition ran from 18/03/2021 to 25/03/2021 and has now finished.

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