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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from
20/3149 - Willesden Green Garage, St Pauls Avenue, London, NW2 5TG ref: 550507/04/202107/04/2021
20/4197 - Wembley National Stadium, Olympic Way, Wembley, HA9 0WS ref: 550407/04/202107/04/2021
Debt Write-Off Procedure ref: 549406/04/202114/04/2021
Roe Green Infant School Kitchen & Improvement Works - Approval of Capital Funding ref: 549306/04/202114/04/2021
South Kilburn Regeneration Programme: Approval of Procurement Processes for Future Phases and Associated Matters ref: 549206/04/202114/04/2021
Authority to Commission Community Equipment Provider ref: 549106/04/202114/04/2021
Water Charges and Brent Council Tenants ref: 549006/04/202114/04/2021
Corporate Performance - Q3 2020/21 Performance ref: 548906/04/202114/04/2021
Streamlining of the Brent Black Community Action Plan ref: 548706/04/202114/04/2021
Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme - Energy Efficiency - Works in Brent Corporate Buildings ref: 548806/04/202114/04/2021
Brent Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy 2021-30 ref: 548606/04/202114/04/2021
Any other urgent business ref: 549606/04/202106/04/2021
Exclusion of Press and Public ref: 549506/04/202106/04/2021
Reference of item considered by Scrutiny Committees (if any) ref: 549806/04/202106/04/2021
Petitions (if any) ref: 549906/04/202106/04/2021
Matters Arising (if any) ref: 550206/04/202106/04/2021
Minutes of the Previous Meeting ref: 549706/04/202106/04/2021
Declarations of Interest ref: 550106/04/202106/04/2021
Apologies for Absence ref: 550006/04/202106/04/2021
Authority to award a contract for set up and management of COVID-19 lateral flow testing (Key Decision taken under Emergency Decision Making Powers) ref: 550301/04/202101/04/2021
20/2257 - Willesden Green Garage, St Pauls Avenue, London, NW2 5TG ref: 548529/03/202129/03/2021
20/0700 - Land adjacent to Northwick Park Hospital, Nightingale Avenue, London, HA1 ref: 548429/03/202129/03/2021
Minutes of the previous meeting ref: 548329/03/202129/03/2021
Consideration of application for designation of Harlesden Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Area ref: 548226/03/202107/04/2021