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Action Notes from Meeting



Action Notes

Tuesday 20 June 2018, 7-9pm

Kingsbury High School

in Tyler’s Hall, Lower School, Bacon Lane, Kingsbury NW9 9AT


Total attendance = 40



Welcome and introductions


The meeting was chaired by Cllr Shafique Chaudhary


Councillors present: Cllrs Ramesh Patel, Cllr Sandra Kabir, Cllr Kana Naheerathan, Cllr Shama Tatler,


Apologies: Cllr Ruth Moher.


Action Notes and Matters Arising; Action notes of previous meeting were agreed and there were no matters arising     


Meet the Councillors: All the councillors present introduced themselves   


Town Centre Manager Richard Hay

Richard Hay is the Town Centre Manager for Burnt Oak and Colindale. High streets are currently facing challenging times with 17% of sales now completed online.  There has been a decline in pubs, banks and post offices etc., and a rise in the number of barbers, nail bars and cafes.

Brent town centre managers are aiming to deliver the REACH framework:


Retail: High quality retail offer with a wide variety of goods and services offered.

Economic growth: Maximise opportunities for commercial use (i.e. workspace), jobs and enterprise. This helps boosts footfall by the local workforce. 

Accessible and attractive: Easily accessible and welcoming locations (both physically and online).

Community:  Places that culturally bond the community. Where people can come to enjoy leisure, entertainment and cultural facilities.

Housing: Liveable places that providing attractive residential properties: meeting our housing needs and bringing new footfall into our town centres.


Burnt Oak vision:


       Clean and welcoming

       Celebrating forgotten heritage

       Vibrant not messy

       Enhanced links to green spaces

       Improved pedestrian flow

       Promoting local community provision


Colindale Vision:


       A thriving district centre with a strong service, convenience and leisure offer, retaining local audiences and appealing to new residents moving into the Colindale growth area to the north.

       A strong Colindale brand to create an identifiable town centre area and use improved signage to help link it to key transport hubs and flagship business to the north.

       A clean and welcoming centre with improved paving and landscaping that enhances the feel of the attractive 1930’s buildings.

       A centre with good customer parking and an emphasis on pedestrian flow along and across the A5 to reduce the dominance of local traffic




Shirley Homes Neighbourhood Manager 


Shirley introduced herself as the Neighbourhood Manager, Kenton and Kingsbury. 

Neighbourhood management is a front line service with a front line mentality; an operational service that will understand local needs and which will work with the community. Their role is to deal with street and environmental issues, by liaising with other council departments, working closely with residents and acting as a trouble shooter.



Shirley can be contacted by email at shirley.holmes@brent.gov.uk




Love Where You Live Project:


Georgiana Benedict from community organisation Mums Connected gave presentation on her Love Where You Live funded project.


Next meeting


Monday 29 October 2018 7pm-9pm.