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Recommendations from Scrutiny Committees

Meeting: 17/08/2020 - Cabinet (Item 6)

6 Resources & Public Realm Scrutiny Committee Recommendations and Executive Response to review of Brent Parks Strategy pdf icon PDF 101 KB

This report presents the recommendations from the review of the Council’s Parks Strategy undertaken by Resources & Public Realm Scrutiny Committee on 12 March 2020 along with the proposed Executive response.

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Following their introduction by Councillor Matt Kelcher (as Chair of the Resources & Public Realm Scrutiny Committee) Cabinet RESOLVED to approve the Executive Response to the recommendations made by the Resources & Public Realm Scrutiny Committee on 12 March 2020 relating to the Council’s Parks Strategy.


Cabinet noted that consideration of the provision to allow use of BBQs in designated areas would require further review, in terms of the options available to manage any change as part of the ongoing development of the strategy, on which the Scrutiny Committee would continue to be kept updated.


Councillor Muhammed Butt (Leader of the Council) welcomed Councillor Kelcher to the meeting who had requested to speak on this item as Chair of the Resources and Public Realm Scrutiny Committee, in order to outline the recommendations made by the Scrutiny Committee when they had considered the Council’s park strategy at their meeting on 12th March 2020.


In introducing the report, Councillor Kelcher informed Cabinet that the committee had both scrutinised the past performance and management of the parks, and discussed development of the future strategy. After taking into consideration oral evidence provided by the Cabinet Member for Environment as well as relevant officers, three recommendations had been produced, namely:


·                That a new Brent Parks Strategy encompass the green and open spaces as a whole and include measurable targets, including bespoke targets for Brent, to facilitate the use of parks and open spaces by a diversity of different people in the community and to encourage sporting activities which will help to tackle health issues in the borough.

·                That data on people using the parks be improved, and to use this data to better inform the strategy. To develop an understanding of what would be needed to encourage people to use the parks, and to make sure users receive maximum benefit from their visit.

·                That provision be made within the strategy and management of parks to allow for barbeques in designated areas, perhaps with the requirement of a permit or following a trial period.


In introducing the accompanying report, outlining the draft Executive Response, the Cabinet Member for the Environment, Councillor Krupa Sheth, highlighted that the development of the park strategy had now commenced. Consideration was being given in its formation to diverse areas such as the climate emergency, biodiversity, additional public walking and cycling routes, and sports provision. Input would also be sought from the public health team to ensure that the parks were accessible, open, and safe.  Whilst assurance was given that the recommendation relating to the provision for the use of barbeques in designated areas would be considered, its inclusion would require further review in terms of the options available to manage any changes with the Scrutiny Committee to be kept updated on this process and overall development of the strategy.


In expressing his support for the recommendations, Councillor Butt thanked the Scrutiny Committee and Councillor Kelcher for their work on the issue. 


It was RESOLVED that the Executive Response to the scrutiny recommendations on the Council’s parks strategy made by the Resources and Public Realm Scrutiny Committee at its meeting on 12 March 2020, as set out in Appendix 1 of the report,  be agreed.