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General Update Report

Meeting: 14/01/2019 - Barham Park Trust Committee (Item 7)

7 General Update Report pdf icon PDF 70 KB

To update Members on operational issues at Barham Park and on current progress on projects.


RESOLVED: that the issues set out in the general update report be noted.


Presenting the general update report to the committee, Chris Whyte (Operational Director, Environment Services) advised that it was now intended to make the Project Officer position permanent and as a consequence, the remit of the position would be extended to include the other parks of the borough. The role was currently funded by the council and would not be funded by the Trust.


Leslie Williams (Project Officer) advised that the report provided an update on the works undertaken since the last reporting period in September 2018, including repairs to the hardstanding in front of the War Memorial, improvements to the old greenhouse area and urgent repairs being carried out to an area of the Barham Park buildings. This latter matter had necessitated a hold on any decision regarding the letting of Unit 7 of the Barham Park building complex. Chris Whyte advising that a meeting would be held with the bidders to clarify matters and it was anticipated that the letting process would be concluded by the end of the month.


The Chair thanked the officers for their contribution to the meeting.


RESOLVED: that the issues set out in the general update report be noted.