Election results for Preston

Borough Council elections - Thursday 22 May 2014
Comparison with previous election

 Labour Hold Matthew Bradley was elected with a majority of 0.39%, a change of 0.46% from the previous election. A total of 10559 votes were cast, representing a turnout of 35.72% .

Table of main parties and election candidates retaining deposit
Election CandidatePartyNumber%Status% Change
Matthew BradleyLabour171216.21%Newly electedn/a
Patricia HarrisonLabour167115.83%Re-elected0.07%
Jean HossainLabour154914.67%Re-elected0.96%
Harshadbhai PatelConservative142813.52%Outgoing-0.75%
Michael MauriceConservative133912.68%Not electedn/a
Monica PatelConservative133412.63%Not electedn/a
Other election candidates-see below152614.45%-0.00%
Table of other election candidates
Election Candidate Party Number %
Jeffrey Hassan Deen UK Independence Party 345 3.27% Not elected
May Erskine Green Party 317 3.00% Not elected
Eileen Vartan Barker Liberal Democrats 260 2.46% Not elected
Jacqueline Ann Bunce-Linsell Liberal Democrats 245 2.32% Not elected
David Clement Johnson Liberal Democrats 211 2.00% Not elected
Paul Summers Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 148 1.40% Not elected