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Vane Close Footway Parking Exemption

We the undersigned petition the council to 1. Stop Brent Council issuing PCNs on Vane Close regardless of where cars are parked (partially on pavements or not) by having the whole of Vane Close added to the Footway Parking Exemptions listing 2. Have the green 'boxes' relocated to ensure a clear pedestrian pathway.

Since November 2018, Brent Council have issued many PCNs (Parking Ticket) at any time of day, any day of the week. Over the Christmas period, one car received 3 separate PCNs (by the time the owner came back from their Christmas, they had 3 tickets on their car). Another resident received a parking ticket after 10 pm. On Sunday 3 Feb 2019 a vistor of a resident received one at 20:04.

Due to the limited car parking on Vane Close, and to ensure 24-hour road access for larger vehicles (disability transport, refuse trucks etc), it is imperative that residents and visitors of residents stop getting these PCNs. Many of the residents do not have driveways, and therefore parking is limited as it is. When not parking on the pavement of Vane Close (Preston Hill end), only 2 cars can be parked, compared to 4 when parking partially on the curb on each side.

A previous residence had an informal arrangement with Brent Council where Vane Close was agreed not to receive PCNs although not officially on the exemption list. This was agreed 15 years ago, however in recent months Brent Council have overturned this agreement WITHOUT NOTIFYING RESIDENTS.

All residents of Vane Close and Preston Hill who have received PCNs have appealed and written to Brent Council to contest PCNs. Brent Council have has advised that due to the highway code, any PCN received is valid and must be paid as Vane Close is not listed within the Footway Parking Exemptions listing (Oct 2018). Several Residents have discussed and advised Brent Council of the previous agreement and Brent Council have been reluctant to look into this matter further.

Started by: Amisha Lau (Vane Close/ Preston Hill residents)

This ePetition runs from 26/02/2019 to 26/05/2019.

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