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Extend Controlled Parking Zone on Oakington Manor Drive during the weekday

We the undersigned petition the council to Implement a residents only parking scheme (Controlled Parking Zone) throughout the whole of the unrestricted on-street parking on Oakington Manor Drive during the week day (Monday to Friday).

The residents on this road who do not have their own driveway are continually inconvenienced by the occupancy of the on-road parking available on Oakington Manor Drive, due to the amount of non-residents using the unrestricted parking within the area.

A large number of non-residents occupy almost all of the parking available on Oakington Manor Drive up until St Michaels avenue, resulting in residents of the street being unable to park their cars within the on-street parking facilities available.

Non-resident parking vehicles on Oakington Manor Drive include:

• Wembley Designer Outlet staff and builders who are working on the new properties next to the station

• People going on holiday - whom deem the road safe to park on for extended periods of time

• Local Businesses whom have spaces within their industrial estates

• Brent Council staff

• Commuters who park and leave to go to work into Central London via the Wembley Stadium train station

There were a few cases where there were a number of vehicles that have been stationary for extended periods of time with no identified owners.

Due to the issues outlined above, we believe an extension of the Controlled Parking Zone throughout the entire road is a necessity for local residents who live on the road. On a side note, once the new properties are built next to Wembley Stadium station, were would you think those residents will park if they are not provided with a parking space? The answer to that would be on Oakington Manor Drive, which would further erode the local residents trust in the Brent Council.

I would like to strongly encourage the council to review this petition in favour of the local residents and prioritise the implementation of a resident’s only parking scheme throughout the entire road - as already in place on similar roads close by such as Chatsworth Avenue and Clifton Avenue.

Started by: chilun liu

This ePetition ran from 17/10/2018 to 18/01/2019 and has now finished.

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