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Title Date Effective from
Individual Cabinet Member Decision - Authority to Agree a Waiver of Contract Standing Orders for a High Value Contract for Barristers' Services ref: 468517/07/201917/07/2019
Apologies for Absence ref: 466115/07/201915/07/2019
South Kilburn: Gloucester & Durham Block Purchases ref: 466915/07/201924/07/2019
Financial Outturn Report 2018/19 ref: 467515/07/201924/07/2019
Resident Ballot in South Kilburn ref: 466815/07/201924/07/2019
London Borough of Culture (LBOC) 2020 – proposal to administer the LBOC 2020 Culture Fund ref: 467715/07/201924/07/2019
Quarter 1 Financial Report 2019/20 ref: 467615/07/201924/07/2019
July Finance Review ref: 467415/07/201924/07/2019
Voluntary Sector Initiative Fund – Local Grants 2019 - 2020 ref: 467115/07/201924/07/2019
Financing the Development, United Colleges Wembley Site ref: 467015/07/201924/07/2019
Any other urgent business ref: 467315/07/201915/07/2019
Exclusion of Press and Public ref: 467215/07/201915/07/2019
Reference of item considered by Scrutiny Committees (if any) ref: 466615/07/201915/07/2019
Petitions (if any) ref: 466515/07/201915/07/2019
Matters Arising (if any) ref: 466415/07/201915/07/2019
Minutes of the Previous Meeting ref: 466315/07/201915/07/2019
Declarations of Interest ref: 466215/07/201915/07/2019
Authority To Tender - 136 Honeypot Lane (Recordable Officer Decision) ref: 466727/06/201927/06/2019
Statement from Cabinet Member for Community Safety & Engagement ref: 465808/07/201908/07/2019
Apologies for Absence ref: 464108/07/201908/07/2019
Overview & Scrutiny Annual Report 2018-2019 ref: 465508/07/201908/07/2019
Fire Safety & Housing in the London Borough of Brent ref: 465408/07/201908/07/2019
Urgent Business ref: 465708/07/201908/07/2019
Motions ref: 465608/07/201908/07/2019
Report from the Vice-Chair of the Audit & Standards Advisory Committee ref: 465208/07/201908/07/2019
Report from Chairs of Scrutiny Committees ref: 465108/07/201908/07/2019
Questions from the Opposition and other Non-Cabinet Members ref: 465008/07/201908/07/2019
Non Cabinet Members' Debate ref: 465308/07/201908/07/2019
Petitions (if any) ref: 464808/07/201908/07/2019
Questions from Members of the Public & Brent Youth Parliament ref: 464708/07/201908/07/2019
Deputations (if any) ref: 464608/07/201908/07/2019
Reports from the Leader and Cabinet ref: 464908/07/201908/07/2019
Appointments to Committees and Outside Bodies and Appointment of Chairs/Vice Chairs (if any) ref: 464508/07/201908/07/2019
Mayor's Announcements (including any petitions received) ref: 464408/07/201908/07/2019
Declarations of Interest ref: 464308/07/201908/07/2019
Minutes of the Previous Meeting ref: 464208/07/201908/07/2019
Authority to award a contract for the provision of a Targeted Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Service for children and young people in identified vulnerable groups ref: 466011/07/201919/07/2019
Brent Community Lottery - Supporting Policies (Recordable Officer Decision) ref: 465909/07/201909/07/2019
Approval to seek authority to invite tenders for the provision of social care support and rehabilitation recovery services and to seek authority to vary an existing contract for properties at Essex Road (Recordable Officer Decision) ref: 462804/06/201904/06/2019