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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from
Minutes of the previous meeting ref: 432113/09/201813/09/2018
Changes to the Constitution ref: 440326/11/201826/11/2018
Minutes of the Previous Meeting ref: 438926/11/201826/11/2018
Implications of Brexit ref: 440126/11/201826/11/2018
Apologies for Absence ref: 438826/11/201826/11/2018
Urgent Business ref: 440526/11/201826/11/2018
Motions ref: 440426/11/201826/11/2018
Report from the Vice-Chair of the Audit and Standards Advisory Committee ref: 440026/11/201826/11/2018
Report from Chairs of Scrutiny Committees ref: 439926/11/201826/11/2018
Non Cabinet Members' Debate ref: 439726/11/201826/11/2018
Petitions (if any) ref: 439626/11/201826/11/2018
Questions from Members of the Public & the Youth Parliament ref: 439526/11/201826/11/2018
Deputations (if any) ref: 439426/11/201826/11/2018
Reports from the Leader and Cabinet ref: 439326/11/201826/11/2018
Appointments to Committees and Outside Bodies and Appointment of Chairs/Vice Chairs (if any) ref: 439226/11/201826/11/2018
Mayor's Announcements (including any petitions received) ref: 439126/11/201826/11/2018
Declarations of Interest ref: 439026/11/201826/11/2018
Statement of Gambling Principles 2019-2022 ref: 440226/11/201826/11/2018
Questions from the Opposition and other Non-Cabinet Members ref: 439826/11/201826/11/2018