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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from
Authority to Tender for provision of Children and Young People's Social Care Specialist Assessments (Recordable Officer Decision) ref: 525215/10/202015/10/2020
Authority to tender for Carlton and Granville centres (South Kilburn)- contractor (Recordable Officer Decision) ref: 524819/10/202019/10/2020
Individual Cabinet Member Decision - Rechargeable Repairs Policy consultation ref: 524719/10/202019/10/2020
Election of Vice Chair ref: 519409/09/202009/09/2020
20/1464 13 The Avenue, London, NW6 7NR ref: 524114/10/202014/10/2020
20/0685 79-83 ODDS, Kenton Road, Harrow, HA3 0AH ref: 523914/10/202014/10/2020
18/4008 Tenterden Pavilion & Sports Ground, 289 Preston Road and Car Park rear of 291-297 Preston Road, Harrow, HA3 ref: 523814/10/202014/10/2020
Local Restrictions Support Grant 2020 and Test and Trace Support Payment (Emergency Key Decision) ref: 523712/10/202012/10/2020
18/4904 96 High Road, London, NW10 2PP ref: 524014/10/202014/10/2020
Any other urgent business ref: 523512/10/202012/10/2020
Exclusion of Press and Public ref: 523412/10/202012/10/2020
Reference of item considered by Scrutiny Committees (if any) ref: 522612/10/202012/10/2020
Petitions (if any) ref: 522512/10/202012/10/2020
Matters Arising (if any) ref: 522412/10/202012/10/2020
Minutes of the Previous Meeting ref: 522312/10/202012/10/2020
Declarations of Interest ref: 522212/10/202012/10/2020
Apologies for Absence ref: 522112/10/202012/10/2020
Q2 Financial Report 2020/21 ref: 523312/10/202020/10/2020
ICT Work with the Local Government Association ref: 523112/10/202020/10/2020
Shared Ownership Sales and Marketing Policy ref: 523612/10/202020/10/2020
Application for the re-naming of the eastern section of Meadow Garth to Pramukh Swami Road ref: 522912/10/202020/10/2020
Public Space Protection Order Extension ref: 522812/10/202020/10/2020
Recommendations from Resources & Public Realm Scrutiny Committee and Draft Executive Response - Public Realm and The Brent Economy ref: 522712/10/202020/10/2020
Procurement Strategy 2020-2023 ref: 523012/10/202020/10/2020
Authority to Tender for a Framework Agreement for Housing Refurbishment Works & a Framework Agreement for Technical Consultancy Services ref: 523212/10/202020/10/2020
Recommissioning the Advice, Infrastructure, Healthwatch and NHS independent Advocacy Contracts (Officer Key Decision) ref: 522006/10/202015/10/2020