Committee Decisions

Decisions published
Title Date Effective from
Queens Park/Cullen House, South Kilburn - Approval to bring forward the JV Co or other option to commence delivery of this project to include procurement of a construction partner ref: 391523/10/201731/10/2017
Selective Licensing in the Private Rented Sector - Update ref: 391423/10/201731/10/2017
Matters requiring shareholder consent and plans to develop 2018/19 business plan for the Council's wholly owned company I4B Holdings Ltd ref: 391223/10/201731/10/2017
Brent Council's Workforce Strategy 2017-2020 ref: 391723/10/201731/10/2017
Complaints Annual Report 2016 - 2017 ref: 390623/10/201731/10/2017
Authority to Award a Care and Support Services Contract for Visram House Extra Care Scheme ref: 391323/10/201731/10/2017
Any Other Urgent Business ref: 392223/10/201731/10/2017
Exclusion of Press and Public ref: 392123/10/201731/10/2017
Reference of item considered by Scrutiny Committees (if any) ref: 391923/10/201731/10/2017
Petitions (if any) ref: 391123/10/201723/10/2017
Matters Arising (if any) ref: 391023/10/201723/10/2017
Minutes of the Previous Meeting ref: 390923/10/201723/10/2017
Declarations of Interest ref: 390823/10/201723/10/2017
Apologies for Absence ref: 390723/10/201723/10/2017
Resources Senior Manager Reconfiguration ref: 392023/10/201731/10/2017
Review of Council Tax Support scheme ref: 391623/10/201731/10/2017
Brent’s Apprenticeship Strategy 2017-2020 ref: 391823/10/201731/10/2017
Response to Petition - Upgrading of Pavements and Grass Verges In Sudbury Using Available CIL Funding ref: 390416/10/201716/10/2017
Any Other Urgent Business ref: 390516/10/201716/10/2017
Declarations of Interests ref: 390116/10/201716/10/2017
The Mall Petition ref: 390316/10/201716/10/2017
Reeves Avenue Petition ref: 390216/10/201716/10/2017