Register of interests

Councillor Shama Tatler

I, Councillor Shama Tatler, a member of Brent Council give notice that I have the following disclosable pecuniary interests (1 - 7) and personal interests (8 - 10);

1. Employment, office, trade, profession or vocation
Member Spouse/Civil Partner/living as such
LGA Member Peer - Ad Hoc Work, September 2018 N/A
Shared Service Architecture Ltd Leadership and Training Facilitator - Ad Hoc Work, September 2019 -
2. Sponsorship
Member Spouse/Civil Partner/living as such
None N/A
3. Contracts
Member Spouse/Civil Partner/living as such
None N/A
4. Land
Member Spouse/Civil Partner/living as such
14 Grenfell Gardens Harrow,Middlesex, HA3 0QZ (parents address) N/A
5. Licences
Member Spouse/Civil Partner/living as such
None N/A
6. Corporate tenancies
Member Spouse/Civil Partner/living as such
None N/A
7. Securities
Member Spouse/Civil Partner/living as such
None N/A
8. Any body of which you are in a position of general control or management, and to which you are appointed or nominated by the Council
Newable Limited (formerly Greater London Enterprise Board)
London Road Safety Council
London Councils Transport and Environment Committee
Local Government Information Unit (LGIU)
LGA City Regions Board (permanent substitute)
Finance and Delivery Sub-committee (London Road Safety Council)
9. Any body: a) exercising functions of a public nature; b) directed to charitable purposes; c) whose principal purposes includes the influence of public opinion or policy (including an political party or trade union) of which you are a member or in a position of general control or management
Labour Party
Fabian Society
GMB Union
10. Any gifts or hospitality worth more than an estimated value of £50 which you have received by virtue of your office
Football tickets to Wembley. No value indicated.
24/06/16 - Two tickets for Rihanna concert. Value unknown.
02/02/17 - Invitation to West London Business Awards Dinner. Value £57.50. Received from West London Business.
09/05/17 - Three course meal with developers from the construction industry. Estimated value between £30-40. Received from Terrapin Communications, London.
27/10/17 - London Tigers Annual Achievement Awards Ceremony and Dinner (attended as Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Growth, Employment and Skills). Value unknown. Received from Mesba Ahmed, Chief Executive, London Tigers.
29/12/17 - 3 x loaves, 3 x cakes, 2 x mugs and 2 x calendars. Value unknown. Received from the Polish Bakery.
15/10/18 - Berkeley Foundation Dinner. Estimate value £50. Received from the Berkeley Foundation.
05/06/19 - Silk scarf. Valued at £25. Received from the Fashion Institute of Beijing as part of a visiting delegation from the People's Government of Beijing Municipality of China (donated to the Mayor's charity).
24/06/19 - Invite to Estates Gazette Dinner during London Real Estate Forum (12/06/19). Estimated value £40. Received from London Real Estate Forum.
23/07/2019 - "Development in Partnership with Communities" - Dinner at Claridge's with Cllr Peter John. Estimated Value £50. Received from Kanda Consulting
19/2/2020 - Two tickets to Kiln Theatre show. Estimated value £32.50 x 2. Received from Kiln Theatre

I declare that I understand that the Brent Members Code of Conduct, adopted by the Council on 14 May 2018, requires me to declare any disclosable pecuniary interests specified in Regulations made by the Secretary of State and to disclose any personal interests as described in the Code. I have carefully considered the Regulations and the Code of Conduct and confirm that this is an accurate list of all my disclosable pecuniary interests and personal interests.