Issue - decisions

Amalgamation of Brent and Barnet Registration and Nationality Services

11/12/2013 - Brent and Barnet Registration and Nationality Service

(i)         that the proposal for the operation of a shared Registration and Nationality service between Brent and Barnet and the financial and non financial benefits and risks identified be noted;

(ii)        that it be noted that Barnet, through its Cabinet Resources Committee has already agreed in principle to proceed with this proposal subject to Brent’s agreement;

(iii)       that the shared service proposal by Brent delivering services to Barnet, for an initial period of five years proceed from 1 April 2014;

(iv)       that the terms of the Inter Authority Agreement governing the shared service be delegated to the Strategic Director of Environment and Neighbourhoods in consultation with the Chief Finance Officer and the Director of Legal and Procurement, to include deciding on whether the shared service will take the form of Barnet delegating its registration function to Brent or Barnet awarding a contract for services.