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Audit and Standards Advisory Committee

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Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, Postcode, Phone, Mobile, Email
Katie Smith, (Address not supplied)
David Ewart, (Address not supplied)
Councillor M Aslam Choudry, 92 Park Avenue North, London, , , NW10 1JY, , 07958 732 384,
Councillor Fleur Donnelly-Jackson, c/o Labour Group Office, Brent Civic Centre, Engineers Way, HA9 0FJ, , , , ,
Councillor Faduma Hassan, c/o Labour Group Office, Brent Civic Centre, Engineers Way, , HA9 0FJ, , 07467000282,
Councillor Janice Long, 71 Hawthorn Road, Willesden, , , NW10 2LT, 020 8459 7435, 07920 378 716,
Councillor Kana Naheerathan, 27 Hay Lane, London, , , NW9 0NH, , 07920 378 688,
Councillor Neil Nerva, 52 Harvist Road, London, , , NW6 6SH, , 07721 233 057,
Councillor Suresh Kansagra, 126 Woodcock Hill, Kenton, Harrow, , HA3 0JN, 020 8937 1111, 07747 131 870,
Robert Cawley, (Address not supplied)
Karen McArthur, (Address not supplied)
Margaret Bruce, (Address not supplied)