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16/5244 St Nicholas Preparatory School, 22 Salmon Street, London, NW9 8PN


Granted planning permission as recommended.



Proposed part single storey and part double storey side and rear extensions to the existing preparatory school.



That the Committee resolve to GRANT planning permission subject to the prior completion of a legal agreement to secure the planning obligations set out within the Committee report.


That the Head of Planning is granted delegated authority to negotiate the legal agreement indicated above.


That the Head of Planning is granted delegated authority to issue the planning permission and impose conditions and informatives to secure the matters set out within the Committee report.


That the Head of Planning is delegated authority to make changes to the wording of the Committee’s decision (such as to delete, vary or add conditions, informatives, planning obligations or reasons for the decision) prior to the decision being actioned, provided that the Head of Planning is satisfied that any such changes could not reasonably be regarded as deviating from the overall principle of the decision reached by the Committee nor that such change(s) could reasonably have led to a different decision having been reached by the Committee.


That, if by the "expiry date" of the planning application the legal agreement has not been completed, the Head of Planning is granted delegated authority to refuse planning permission.


That the Committee confirms that adequate provision has been made, by the imposition of conditions, for the preservation or planting of trees as required by Section 197 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.


Mr Toby Huntingford (Principal Planning Officer) introduced the report setting out the key issues and answered Members’ questions.


Mr M Donaldson (applicant in remote attendance) addressed the Committee highlighting the following points and answered Members’ questions:


·         The proposed development would allow the school to meet the growing demand for school places and offer excellent academic provision.

·         The development would not have a detrimental effect on the aesthetic to the neighbouring properties along Salmon Street and the adjacent Queens Walk.

·         The school had implemented adequate measures to address traffic and parking issues and remained committed to continuing to work with the Highways Team for on-going improvements to reduce traffic flow to the school site.

·         The application complied with the National Planning Policy Framework.


In response to Members’ questions, officers clarified that the impact of the development on adjoining neighbouring properties would be minimal and that the character and design were in acceptable relationship.  Officers explained the differences between the current and previous scheme for an outbuilding and added that they were not related. Members heard that with suitable transport mitigation measures including Travel Plan and robust monitoring, there would be no significant traffic impact.


With no further issues raised and having established that all members had followed the discussions, the Chair thanked the speaker for his contribution and asked members to vote on the recommendation.  Members voted by a majority decision to approve the application subject to the amendments set out within the supplementary report.



Granted planning permission as recommended.

(Voting on the recommendation was as follows: For 7; Against 1)

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