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381A-D INC, 381-397 INC and 13-20 Park Parade Mansion, Edgware Road, Kingsbury, London, NW9 (Ref. 17/2284)


DECISION: Granted planning permission as recommended.


PROPOSAL: Demolition of existing buildings and redevelopment of the site to provide a replacement part 4 part 5 and part 18 storey building comprising 563m2 of retail uses (Class A1, A2 A3), and 110 residential units (56 x 1bed, 30 x 2bed and 24 x 3bed) with associated car parking, cycle storage, plant and shared external amenity space at first and fifth floor level with other ancillary works.


RECOMMENDATION: To GRANT planning permission subject to:

A. Any direction by the London Mayor pursuant to the Mayor of London Order

B. Any direction by the Secretary of State pursuant to the Consultation Direction

C. The prior completion of a legal agreement to secure the planning obligations set out within the Committee reports.


That the Head of Planning be granted delegated authority to negotiate the legal agreement indicated above.


That the Head of Planning be granted delegated authority to issue the planning permission and impose conditions and informatives to secure the matters set out within the Committee reports.


That the Head of Planning be granted delegated authority to make changes to the wording of the Committee’s decision (such as to delete, vary or add conditions, informatives, planning obligations or reasons for the decision) prior to the decision being actioned, provided that the Head of Planning is satisfied that any such changes could not reasonably be regarded as deviating from the overall principle of the decision reached by the committee nor that such change(s) could reasonably have led to a different decision having been reached by the Committee.


That, if by the application "expiry date" the legal agreement has not been completed, the Head of Planning be granted delegated authority to refuse planning permission.


That the Committee confirms that adequate provision has been made, by the imposition of conditions, for the preservation or planting of trees as required by Section 197 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.


Ms Victoria McDonagh (Development Management Team Leader) introduced the report and answered Members’ questions. Members heard that the re-development of the site accorded with its designation within the Colindale/Burnt Oak Opportunity Area, and although no affordable workspace would be provided, the re-provision of commercial floorspace at ground floor level would provide active frontage to both Edgware Road and Grove Park.  She added that the scheme would deliver affordable housing of 8 intermediate (shared ownership) units, which although would be below both Brent and London Plan policy targets, had been demonstrated by a financial viability appraisal to be beyond the maximum amount of affordable housing which can viably be provided on site. The design, layout and height was considered to be in keeping with the heights of buildings in the surrounding area, with reduced height and scale nearest to the Beis Yaakov School to the south-east, which was locally listed. Ms McDonagh continued that the quality of the resulting residential accommodation proposed would be of sufficiently high quality, meeting the particular needs and requirements of future occupiers.  Clarification was provided on the level of external amenity space provided which would be below policy levels, but a good standard of accommodation was considered to be provided. The size mix of intermediate units was also clarified as this was incorrectly specified in part of the main report.  She also clarified that there were further on-going discussions with the GLA on sustainability issues relating to the scheme.


Mrs Jan Donovan (agent) stated that the scheme which had been amended following consultation feedback was supported by the GLA.  She referenced the intermediate housing units and added that it had been demonstrated by a financial viability appraisal to be the maximum amount of affordable housing which can viably be provided on site.  She clarified that parking space provision had been reduced due to the high PTAL rating (4) of the area.  Mrs Donovan continued that the scheme had been rigorously tested for air quality, daylight and sunlight with no impact on the nearby school.  


In response to Members’ questions Ms McDonagh explained that the basement car parking provision was removed from the scheme in order to reduce construction costs and increase viability to allow for the potential for affordable housing to be provided.  She added that there would be no opportunity to convert the bicycle spaces to car parking spaces for future occupiers of the building. She also explained the extent of consultation which she added exceeded the boundaries.  Members heard that Roe Green Residents’ Association was not within the consultation zone for the scheme.  the resulting responses received.


The Chair remarked that the design and size of the proposal fitted into the site which was characterised by properties with similar height and density.  Members took note that the scheme would now provide 8 intermediate housing units, with state 2 referral to the Mayor of London and late stage reviews


DECISION: Granted planning permission as recommended.

(Voting on the recommendation was as follows: For 5; Against 0, Abstention 2)


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