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Carlton and Granville Centre Site

To receive the Executive’s response to the Committee’s recommendations made on 3 April 2019 and an update on the implementation of the Cabinet decisions made on 15 April 2019.


The report provided an update following the Committee’s meeting on 3rd April 2019 where it was resolved that the Committee receive a report back to continue monitoring progress on the development of the scheme and how the assurances being sought had been addressed.


Previously, the Committee also referred the matter back to the Cabinet and as required by the call-in procedure, the Cabinet reconsidered its original decision on the Carlton & Granville Centres Site - South Kilburn - at the Cabinet meeting on Monday, 15 April 2019.


In reviewing and confirming its decision, the Cabinet supported the recommendations made by the Scrutiny Committee.


·                    In terms of the recommended design option, the 23 units of housing be provided as social housing. In recognising the need to address issues in relation to viability, the Cabinet would explore a predominance of three or four bedroom ‘family sized’ accommodation.


·                    Appropriate noise-reduction safeguards be provided for tenants within the new housing units in order to manage the relationship between the mixed residential and community use on the site - such a provision was to ensure that noise concerns did not limit the use of the facility by the community.


·                    A minimum level of local social enterprise provision was guaranteed within the Enterprise Hub.


·                    Community governance options being developed in terms of future management of the site must be based around the Key Stakeholder Group and involved a broader local community membership. Such governance options must have open membership to locals, with democratic processes for the selection of people and positions.


After careful consideration and taking into account the discussion that took place under item 3, deputations, on this item, it was RESOLVED:


The Resources and Public Realm Scrutiny Committee:


i.          Recommended that the Council vigorously promote the fact that the           units at Granville would be 'council' housing to better inform the public      who had concerns about the provision of affordable housing at the site;


ii.         Recommended that the Cabinet ensured that social enterprise spaces    offered business space to those groups in the area who found it hard to    reach work (e.g. elderly etc.) and bring forward an action plan to achieve this objective; and


iii.        Requested the Lead Member for Regeneration, Property & Planning to    bring back an update report to this Committee in early 2020 on the   following aspects:


·                     The plans to promote the fact new units would be council homes.

·                     The final design and efficacy of noise dampening scheme.

·                     The provision of social enterprise space in the new business hub.

·                     The robustness of new governance structure and demonstration of local involvement at both South Kilburn Trust and in the development of the stakeholders' group for this specific development.


In addition, the Resources and Public Realm Scrutiny Committee made the following information requests:


a.         To provide information to the Committee on the definitions of             "affordability" when it came to workplace space (e.g. to clarify at what            percentage of the market rate they would be let at) and how much space    would be given to this provision. Also, to provide specific details about         social enterprise, social workspace and community floor space.


[Please also refer to and read in conjunction with the Minute 3, Deputations]

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