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Action Notes from Meeting




Tuesday 19 June 2018 at 7pm

The Granville Centre Granville Road, Kilburn, NW6 5AR


Total attendance = 18 people



1. Welcome and introductions


The meeting was chaired by Cllr Tariq Dar. 


Councillors present: Cllr. Faduma Hassan, Cllr. Rita Conneely, Cllr. Abdirazak Abdi, Cllr. Kieron Gill, Cllr. Erica Gbajumo       


Apologies: Cllr Colacicco and Cllr. Southwood. 


2. Action Notes and Matters Arising; Action notes of previous meeting were agreed and there were no matters arising     


3. Meet the Councillors. All the councillors present introduced themselves to the meeting.   


4. Town Centre Manager - Richard Hay


Richard Hay is the Town Centre Manager for Kilburn.  As the other side of Kilburn High Road crosses the borough boundary into Camden, the council works in partnership with Camden Council    High streets are currently facing challenging times with 17% of sales now completed online.  There has been a decline in pubs, banks and post offices etc, and a rise in the number of barbers, nail bars and cafes.

Brent town centre managers are aiming to deliver the REACH framework:


Retail: High quality retail offer with a wide variety of goods and services offered.

Economic growth: Maximise opportunities for commercial use (i.e. workspace), jobs and enterprise. This helps boosts footfall by the local workforce. 

Accessible and attractive: Easily accessible and welcoming locations (both physically and online).

Community:  Places that culturally bond the community. Where people can come to enjoy leisure, entertainment and cultural facilities.

Housing: Liveable places that providing attractive residential properties: meeting our housing needs and bringing new footfall into our town centres.










The vision is as follows:


       A welcoming and well connected town centre with a strong creative buzz that reflects its rich cultural and musical heritage.


       A purple flag town centre providing a thriving night time economy and a destination for those seeking high quality independent music, theatre and comedy.


       A clearly defined gateway at Kilburn station to welcome people to the area.


       A wide shopping offer that offers a broad mix of high street chains, bars, clubs and restaurants with small independent traders offering cultural arts, crafts and goods reflective of the diverse communities living there.


       A regular programme of artistic and cultural events (music and artistic performance) utilising public spaces. 


       A thriving, independent market. 


The key objectives to put Kilburn on the map for 2018-19 are:


·         An improved Kilburn Gateway

·         Developing the night time economy

·         A busking programme

·         Public realm improvements and street art

·         Setting up a business association

·         Boost sales of artisan crafts and goods

·         2020 Borough of Culture as a driver for change


Q: Who do Town Centre Managers consult with?

A: We consult with a wide range of community groups and businesses and discussions are ongoing.


Q: What is being done about street homelessness?

A: The council is working in partnership with St Mungo’s and the Police to tackle anti-social behaviour.


Q: Some of the local housing is in really poor condition

A: Comments noted but not an issue the Town Centre Manager is able to address,     


Q: What can be done about high market rents?

A: These are set by TFL Valuation office and not by the council


Q: Should Kilburn be competing with other markets e.g. Camden and Portobello Road

A: There is no intention to compete with other markets but rather the intention to promote the uniqueness op Kilburn.











5. Soapbox


You said

We said


More green spaces and community space  is  needed in new build properties    

Comments noted.


 6. Granville Community Centre- Deanne Isaac

Deanne works for South Kilburn Trust and wanted to take the opportunity to introduce the new renovated Granville Community Centre which is on 3 floors. The new centre was relaunched 3 weeks ago and offers a community café, an enterprise hub and rooms for hire. New businesses are supported by a business adviser. This is part of the Carlton and Granville Redevelopment project funded by the GLA


Q.  Is South Kilburn Trust accountable to the local community and is there any update regarding Phase 2 of the redevelopment programme?


Q. Whydid South Kilburn Trust agree to demolish the shops and flats at Peel Crescent and agree for luxury flats to be built on the site, without consulting the wider community?

Q Why did South Kilburn Trust enter into discussions with HS2 without consulting local residents?     

A. Deanneadvised that as she is the manager of the Granville Centre, she does not have the answer to these questions but will refer these matters to the South Kilburn Trust Board and respond to the Partnerships and Engagement Team


Action: Deanne to raise the issues referred to above and respond. South Kilburn Regeneration programme will be providing a short presentation at the Brent Connects – Kilburn meeting on 30 October 2018 at the Granville Centre. There will be an opportunity for residents to take their contact details at this meeting.                 


Cllr Conneely expressed her concerns that the local police station and Job Centre had closed.


7. Brent Connects Review

Shane Lawrence led a consultation exercise inviting participants to provide feedback on the current Brent Connects format and suggest actions for improvement. All forums are being consulted and the results of the consultation will be fed back at a future meeting 


Meeting close