Agenda item

To Appoint a Councillor of the Borough to be Deputy Mayor

An intimation will be received from the incoming Mayor regarding the appointment of a Councillor of the Borough to be Deputy Mayor, in accordance with Standing Order 27(b).


Councillor Earnest Ezeajughi appointed  as Deputy Mayor of the London Borough of Brent for the 2018/19 Municipal Year.


Councillor Mahmood as newly elected Mayor thanked Members for his nomination and appointment as Mayor.  He then announced that he had appointed Councillor Ernest Ezeajughi as Deputy Mayor for the 2018/2019 municipal year.


Councillor Ezeajughi and Mrs Ezeajughi then moved to take up their seats on the dias.  The Mayor’s robe and chain of office were then passed from Councillor Chohan to Councillor Mahmood and the Mayoress’ badge from Mrs Chohan to Mrs Arshad.  Councillor Chohan was presented with the past Mayor’s badge and ribbon and Mrs Chohan was presented with the past Mayoress’ badge.


Councillor Mahmood, as newly elected Mayor then formally returned thanks for his appointment and to everyone for attending the ceremony, advising that it had been a huge honour and privilege to have been nominated and elected to serve as Mayor.  He highlighted his origins in Pakistan with him coming to the UK aged 14 and since then being proud to call Dollis Hill and Brent his home.  In terms of family, he thanked his wife Nighat for her support, along with his daughter, three sons and four grandchildren and advised that he was pleased to have been joined by so many relatives from both home and abroad.


The Mayor thanked all Members for their support and advised that he was looking forward to working with them over the next year and also took the opportunity to pay tribute to his predecessor Councillor Chohan for his hard work and way he had conducted himself so diligently and responsibly during his time as Mayor.  He also acknowledged and thanked the former Mayoress, Mrs Chohan, for her excellent work and the support she had provided to Councillor Chohan as Mayor.


The Mayor then moved on to thank Councillor Ezeajughi for accepting the position as Deputy Mayor and advised that he was looking forward to working closely with him to continue delivering positive outcomes for local communities and stakeholders across Brent.  The opportunity was also taken to thank the Chief Executive her management team and the Mayors Office for their ongoing support, with the Mayor advising that he would endeavour to continue the hard work of his predecessors and to capitalise on the strengths, attributes and talents of his colleagues in order to support the Council’s ongoing vision and mission.


On this basis, the Mayor then announced that he would be supporting the following charities in his role during the forthcoming year and looked forward to Members support in his fundraising efforts which would assist some of the most vulnerable in society:


·                SUFRA NW London – a local charity established to address both the causes and consequences of impoverishment in the local community; and

·                The READ Foundation – a non-profit organisation working to create schools places for children affected by poverty;


Finally the Mayor outlined his intention to use the office of Mayor as a means of building on the success already achieved in uniting communities across a borough as diverse as Brent.


He concluded by looking forward to the hard work ahead with the belief that being able to utilise the passion, dedication and commitment of all those around him it would be possible to achieve excellent results for local communities across Brent.