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Management Plan (Brent)

This report presents progress on the Brent Reservoir /Welsh Harp Management Plan since the last meeting of the Committee and during the 2017/18 year to date.  The Management Plan is jointly managed by the three main land-holding organisations: Brent Council, the London Borough of Barnet, and the Canal and River Trust.


The Committee received a report that provided progress on the Brent Reservoir / Welsh Harp Management Plan since its last meeting.  The current version of the management plan including the annexe appended to the report was available on the Brent Council website at


Leslie Williams (Brent Council) introduced the report.  Members heard that the sawn logs, reported at the last meeting, and potentially close to the shore line near to Cool Oak Lane bridge, were reported to Barnet Council to investigate and an update had been provided by Matthew Gunyon.


Rough sleepers had been reported by the Council’s Parks Services to the outreach team responsible for rough sleepers. The report of a caravan on Birchen Grove was forwarded to the Public Realm team. .  Mr Williams advised that any such incidences should be reported to 020 8937 5619 or to


On the issue of rat infestation, Leslie Williams advised the Committee that Welsh Harp, being such a large area with historic landfill sites, industrial and discarded waste site, it would not be possible to target rats without serious adverse impact on other mammals living on site. . He added that feeding of birds etc. added to the problem. He added that there was no budget provision to undertake such an operation on such a large scale however, consideration would be given where infestation was localised and putting out messages discouraging feeding of birds etc..  A request was made that as Pest Control was a specialised activity that a report on what safety measures are possible and available be made available at the next meeting.


Action - Matthew Gunyon undertook to ask the Pest Control Team if there was suitable treatment that would not affect other mammals.


 Promoting Sport and Physical Activity sessions: The Council are encouraging organisations who organise sport or physical activity to promote their contact details and/or activities on the Open Sessions portal at   


The weekly walks programme at the Welsh Harp was proving popular and which generally attracted 15-25 and led by a walk leader was taking place on Thursdays from 10-11am, and met at Birchen Grove Car Park, Kingsbury NW9. The walks were free of charge.  He advised the Committee that a review of the walks programme including public consultation via the Brent Council website on Healthy Walks and Outdoor Gyms had been undertaken.  Options to consider included a possible reduction in the number of walks offered and the use of volunteers to lead walks. He continued that Brent may pilot a walk with a volunteer to gauge its effectiveness before rolling it out across the whole walks programme. He assured members that there would be a walk on offer at Welsh Harp, in some capacity.


Leslie Williams referenced the comments made by Committee members on erosion of the bank of the reservoir at Neasden Recreation Ground, near to the south side of the dam wall. He advised that the Parks team were suggesting the possibility of a design for a platform, near to the interpretative panels and above the shore.  The relationship with land under the responsibility of the Canal & River Trust; and the proximity to the SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) would need to be investigated. This could enable visitors to view while causing less erosion than at present. For wheelchair accessibility to the platform, there would be some form of edge and upstand





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